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RGP Lens


Rigid Gas Permeable Lens

Rigid Gas Permeable lenses are small, durable, slightly flexible lenses that are lenses that are custom designed to fit your eyes and can be made in a wide range of parameters.
RGPs correct astigmatism and provide sharp clear vision.
Interojo RGP lenses provide superior surface wettability, deposit resistance, and comfort. Interojo RGP Lenses are made of breathable plastic that has been custom fit to the shape of the cornea.
Interojo contact lenses are long-lasting, comfortable, easy to clean, and healthy for the eyes.
The edge lift design of RGP lens is 0.08mm and rounded.
So it does not hurt the cornea. It was made by OptoForm80 for 0.1 micron m

High Definition Lens

Not an ordinary aspheric lens

The Interojo’s High Definition Lens, unlike other aspheric lens in the market, incorporates the ideal aspheric curvature for each soft lens power and thickness and compensates for aberration caused by lens flexure on the eye. This results in improved visual acuity at all distance, as well as increased depth if field, reduced refractive astigmatism and improved contrast sensitivity, providing crisper, sharper and clearer vision. The Interojo’s High Definition Lens is an excellent choice for low astigmats, early presbyopes and those who wish to improve their overall vision.